"A masterful treatment of a difficult and controversial issue."

Lee Strobel

"If you are looking for one book to make sense of the problem of evil, this book is for you."

Sean McDowell

Grasping This Truth will Change Your View of God Forever

If God is good and all-powerful, why doesn't He put a stop to the evil in this world? Christians and non-Christians alike struggle with the concept of a loving God who allows widespread suffering in this life and never-ending punishment in hell. We wrestle with questions such as...

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Why should we have to pay for Adam's sin?
  • How can eternal judgment be fair?

But what if the real problem doesn't start with God...but with us?

Clay Jones, a professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University, examines what Scripture truly says about the nature of evil and why God allows it. Along the way, he'll help you discover the contrasting abundance of God's grace, the overwhelming joy of heaven, and the extraordinary destiny of believers.


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Why Does God Allow Evil? Compelling Answers for Life's Toughest Questions


About the Author

Clay Jones (DMin) is an associate professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University and the chairman of the board for Ratio Christi, an international university apologetics ministry. Previously he hosted the nationally syndicated talk radio program Contend for Truth and served on the pastoral staff of two large churches. Clay and his wife, Jean E., live in Southern California.

He blogs at www.ClayJones.net.



Insightful and engaging, scriptural and accessible—here’s a masterful treatment of a difficult and controversial issue by my friend Clay Jones. Readers will benefit greatly from his thoughtful analysis of a topic that has troubled many through the centuries. Read it with a pen in hand to underline the nuggets of wisdom!

Over the years, I have read a number of books on the problem of evil, but this book by Professor Jones is one of the very best yet produced. He fearlessly and deftly addresses all the hard questions head-on with rational responses to them. There is no ducking of issues for Jones. Moreover, he skillfully weaves theology, biblical studies, and philosophy into a coherent, well-integrated book. Why Does God Allow Evil? is suited for both the scholar and the layperson. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for one book to make sense of the problem of evil, this book is for you. Clay Jones brings a lifetime of reflection to this difficult issue. He speaks with honesty and realism, and yet offers genuine hope. Both believers and skeptics will benefit from Why Does God Allow Evil?

In this book, Clay Jones actually answers the question "Why does God allow evil?" So many books on the topic don't give an answer. Hence, this is a breath of fresh air. There is a bonus, too. In his answer to the question, Jones gives a full-arc presentation of the gospel. I've seen even seasoned Christians awaken to the depths of the gospel for the first time in response to Jones's material. I cannot recommend it more highly. Read it for yourself and then read it with a church group. And don't be surprised if you detect palpable spiritual growth in everyone involved in studying this important book.

Clay Jones has a novel and compelling approach to the problem of evil. In the search for answers, people frequently wonder if God is to blame. You’ll find Clay’s perspective on this matter eye-opening, even shocking, and, most importantly, filled with hope.

It’s hard to imagine there could be a new much-needed book on the problem of evil when so much has already been written, but that’s what this is. Clay strikes a rare balance of theological depth and accessibility on this difficult subject, making it an ideal resource for anyone seeking to better understand how evil and suffering can co-exist with a perfectly good and loving God. He answers questions you’ve always had, questions you’re embarrassed to ask, and questions you didn’t think to ask but should have…all in an engaging style that makes you not want to put it down.

Dr. Clay Jones doesn’t shy away from tough subjects. Instead, he tackles them with honesty, diligence and resolve, drawing on his many years teaching at the graduate level and speaking to popular audiences. In Why Does God Allow Evil? Dr. Jones engages one of the most difficult questions facing believers and skeptics alike. His treatment is God-honoring, straightforward, and accessible. If you’re looking for a resource that acknowledges the severity of evil and the gravity of sin while taking the justice and grace of God seriously, get this book!



Clay Jones has helped many of our students at Biola University find answers to the most difficult questions of Christian apologetics, including the question of why God allows evil. This book consolidates wisdom on this and related questions, offering readers a robust and comprehensive resource for addressing the problem of evil. Like the lectures he gives on the subject at Biola and around the world, Why Does God Allow Evil? is well-organized, engaging, and accessible. It's an important addition to the growing body of resources for twenty-first century Christian apologetics.

Why Does God Allow Evil? is a very different sort of book on a familiar topic. In it Clay Jones gives sustained attention to significant questions that few other books on the Problem of Evil address. The result is a fuller treatment of the issues than one generally finds in books on the topic. Why God allows evil is fundamentally a theological question and Jones’s answer to this question is robustly theological. Jones understands that the question cannot be answered without addressing some perennial philosophical issues like the nature of free will and whether we have it or not, and he does an admirable job of providing answers to these philosophical questions, but he also goes beyond the answers that natural theology per se typically provides. This is a genuinely Christian book that unashamedly provides biblical and theological answers to a significant challenge to the Christian worldview. My suspicion is that most readers will find things in this book that they immediately recognize are right—and that they are grateful to Jones for stating so forthrightly. I also suspect that most readers will also find ideas that they disagree with, as well as other ideas that they will need to consider at greater length. Truly important books are always this way. This is an insightful and courageous book that I will use in several of my courses. I cannot recommend it too highly to you.

Table of Contents


Introduction: In Search of Answers About God and Evil

  1. Why Do We Suffer for Adam's Sin?
  2. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
  3. Are There No Good People?
  4. What Is the Destiny of the Unevangelized?
  5. How Can Eternal Punishment Be Fair?
  6. Is Free Will Worth It?
  7. Wasn't There Another Way?
  8. Will We Have Free Will in Heaven?
  9. Will Eternity Be Boring?
  10. How Does Eternity Relate to Our Suffering Now?
  11. How Does Suffering Relate to Our Eternal Occupation?

Epilogue: The Short Answer on Why God Allows Evil

Appendix: Satan's Rebellion and God's Response





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